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Château Famaey is made up of stone buildings, which form a traditional wine production unit. The chais (vinification and storage facilities) have been modernised while at the same time respecting local architectural styles.

One building is used specifically for vinification (processes of pressing, soaking, fermentation and blending). Its equipment consists entirely of large stainless steel storage vats and material that meets the highest standards of hygiene. In a few days the vinification building can receive all of our harvest, which averages 200 tonnes of grapes.

The vinification is managed by our maitre de chai, Maarten Luyckx who works together with a certified oenological laboratory. The soaking process varies depending on our different vintages. The infrastructure is equipped with a thermoregulation system allowing us to control the temperature during this delicate phase.

The richness of the grape, the authenticity of the product, as well as the natural aspect of the wine are key criteria guiding decisions during the vinification process.

Once the wines have been made as described, they are transported to our storage chai to mature in our special maturation vats or in oak barrels. We have sufficient storage facilities to store wine equivalent to the production of two years, which is necessary to ensure a good maturation of our Cahors A.O.C. certified wine.

Half of our Cahors wines are matured in oak barrels for a period of 18 to 24 months. The cellar has around 200 barrels of French oak selected at the best tonneliers (specialist hand-made oak barrel makers). Every year, a large part of the barrels is replaced with new ones.

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